Community Development

Shane Sylvanspring, fouding director of Planning Regenerative Communities can assist you or your group develop into a phyiscal community through different methods and ways depending on your needs and the circumstances. Below are various ways Shane can assist.



Online Consultation


Shane can engage ongoing or single sessions with you online assisting in areas needed being from beginning to form your group, buying land, advice on legals and structures, town planning and current issues in the Australian environment when co-owning or creating a community 


Property Consultation


You or your community looking purchase property or have you recently purchased and want to know next steps? Shane can help with planning advice and how to develop your property for your eco-community with a range of experts.


Shane can visit your site or research with council the property you are working with as part of the consultation.

Community creation through education


Shane is passionate about the Ecovillage Design Education cirriculum delivered by the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education and believes for larger communities forming this platform is a perfect way for communities forming. Shane and the Global Ecovillage Network team (GEN Australia) have the resources to deliver a tailored made program for your community to both stregthen and deepen your fledling community as well as solve and create your unified visions and actions. For more information see

Consultation and Advice


Shane Sylvanspring offers 1 hour sessions for groups or individuals considering co-ownership or creating a community project. This session will highlight broad knowledge of co-ownership and necessary steps to start the journey of community. We will cover different models avialable, opportunties within current planning frameworks, best practices and start to investigate what is best for you.


Co-ownership of property is one of the key steps to ensure and equitable and regenerative future for the planet.


Sessions can be recorded and are $150 for the first hour.


To book a session please click the link below


Shane developed the VDP for the Bruns Ecovillage Project


PO Box 410

Mullumbimby NSW 2482..


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